the ride started as a simple idea like most things do. i wanted to go across the country on a bike. i have looked into various travel groups that do it. i have even become inspired by someone who did it 35 years ago when he was my age. after putting it off and finding reasons to say i wouldn’t be able to go this year, i decided it was time. after discussing it with friends, coworkers and my significant other, they all pushed me to do it faster and better than i thought i would. every day it’s becoming bigger than i thought. seattle to key west. that’s the route and i’ll be on a bike.

the ride took a total of 51 days, and began on july 26th, 2015. posts for the day were posted the following morning. below is a list of the posts created for the ride, during the ride and after the ride.


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the chainlink
chicago sun-times
humans of the keys(site no longer available)



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(the route is primarily correct, however some minor changes were made along the way.)
Map of the United States


Washington Idaho Montana Wyoming South Dakota Nebraska Iowa Illinois Missouri Kentucky Tennessee Mississippi Alabama Florida




| preparation | (2015.05.19 – 2015.07.27) |


well hello there…

the new bike

a change of wheels

it’s here

ready for the weekend

running man

new photos, new parts

weekend getaway

keep rollin

low roll

map video stuff

it’s been a few days

good start

weekend catchup

cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger

one month

new route planning

a story from a few years ago

bicycle bbq

route is done

far better things ahead

sixteen days

that assiduous guy

gather steam

new bike gets a flat

rough tuneup

haulin’ bag




helping others


this is a bike

less than 24 hours

the travel day



| the ride | (2015.07.28 – 2015.09.16) |


day 01

day 02

day 03

between cell signal


day 04

day 05

day 06

delayed post.

day 07

day 08

day 09

day 10

day 11

day 12

day 13

day 14

day 15

day 16

day 17

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day 36

day 37

day 38

day 39

day 40

day 41

day 42

day 43

day 44

day 45

day 46

day 47

day 48

day 49

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day 51


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the full camera dump

the conclusion