new bike gets a flat

my family was visiting the past few days. 12 of them. yesterday we decided to grill out in my back yard. i had to get them on the train and since it was rush hour, i couldn’t take my bike on the train. i told them where to get off and that i would meet them there. sure enough, i rode across the city about five miles and barely beat the train(traffic was bad). i told them to keep walking towards my place and i would stop at revolution and pick up some beer. went in, grabbed two growlers, came back out and had a flat. so i carried the bike, two growlers and a pannier back to my place. it wouldn’t have been so bad, but it was hot and humid.

fixed the flat this morning before work, it was an easy one. it looks like i found a staple in the road at just the right angle. patch placed and another day closer to the ride.

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