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i’m jaik. i love to ride bicycles, cook, camp, build stuff and fix anything. in my spare time(ha) i do light coding and learn new things. i have lived in chicago for eight years and one of the best moments of my day is when i come over a hill on the commute in, riding my bike swiftly, then see the skyline appear. it’s never had two days alike. i’m constantly moving and the city is constantly changing. i have a firm belief that anyone can do anything as long as they put in enough effort. i would never have been able to do all of the things i know how to do now if it wasn’t for some sort of effort. i’m a man of extremes. summer and winter. those are my seasons. either 110 degrees or -30 degrees. i ride my bike everyday regardless.

oh, and i can’t forget to mention, summertime with an icy beverage in my back yard makes for a perfect day.

why not drop me a line, say hi. if it’s along the way maybe we can meetup.

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