day 28

lindsey is heading back today. we had a great time together, but she has a ton of stuff to do in the city this week, and i’ve got to keep riding. she keeps joking that it took her 12 hours round trip to drive to see me. it took me 27 days to ride my bike to her, so ha.

she gave me a lift a little east of where we camped so that i could start riding with the river. there was a campsite that is about 30 or so miles from where she dropped me off, and it would make for a simple ride for the afternoon.

the country roads are nice, big tall corn stalks, little used pavement, and the occasional small town. the last two towns weren’t big enough to have stores or gas stations, so i’m lower on water than i would like to be. i still have about 50oz, and i’m sure that will get me through until tomorrow when i am riding.

the winds today were definitely in my favor. i hope this continues for a while. i could definitely get used to some tailwinds with low hills. tomorrow i’ve got a big day, 106 miles. should be easy, right? let’s all hope for more low hills and tailwinds. day 28 done.




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