weekend catchup

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i had a great time over the weekend. i went with a group to flossmoor and we rode back to chicago. i met quite a few interesting people and created some excellent memories. it was almost 40 miles for just about everyone, but after all the to and from, dinner and etc, my total rounded out to just over 65.

yesterday when i returned home from work, i cut up the case for my luggage. it’s not as bad as it sounds. i have a large case that was free. it needed wheels, and was eight inches larger than the linear limits of the airline. i took off a few from one side, heated it and formed it back together. did the same thing on the other side. it really didn’t look as bad as i expected. measured it and it’s an inch too big. i need to finish my route transfer before i can work on it again. i had to switch to ridewithgps.com because it was becoming increasingly difficult to edit, transfer and convert the maps that i have with my garmin. ridewithgps is so easy to use(not an endorsement) but it’s just time consuming to move the maps there because they all need to be drawn again. flight is booked along with a night in seattle. i’m calling a few campgrounds today because they don’t have web reservations. today i’m also setting up some automation for posting/publicizing my donation site daily until the trip is over.

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