day 07

the views coming into missoula were amazing. i had an awesome campground last night and i coulnt’t have asked for a better day riding. aside from the heat, everything was perfect. i have a ton of photos. gradually, i’ve been taking more and more.

twice today, my route has led me to roads that weren’t existent or weren’t roads. it’s not good, as i don’t know alternatives, and sometimes the alternatives are wrong. i hope this doesn’t happen again.

tomorrow is only 30 miles, but i have some things to take care of before i leave missoula. care package pickup, verizon store, and adventure cycling association, etc.

i’m going to keep this short, but i’ll fill in more on the quarter update.



last night the guy i was staying with took my iphone and shattered it. i laid him out. he’s in jail now. lesson: don’t touch my phone.

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