day 27

rest day.

the rest day. i had originally said that i would take five rest days throughout my ride. i have taken a few, but during those rest days, i’ve either rode or made my way to my scheduled destination or close to it.

this rest day, lindsey was coming to visit me, and we agreed that we would both continue to each other until we met, then goto the campsite she had reserved. it was rough for me. i was into the wind and up hills most of the way. she was with the wind, driving. i can just let you guess who covered more miles.

we met and it was great. we went out and had lunch, ate so much that we didn’t really need dinner, but got snacks anyway. there was a tornado watch and storms that were scheduled to hit. i’ve been through a few storms and it didn’t bother me. we took a quick swim in the pool at the campground, and it was really quick because the pool wasn’t heated. i caught up on laundry. we had a great time hanging out with each other. it was really great to see her.

she offered to give me a lift for a few miles in the morning. during that time we discussed our plans for the next few weeks and what would happen if i arrived early. i’ll just camp a day or two extra along the way so that she doesn’t have to rearrange any flights, car rentals, hotels, etc. it’s much easier that way. i would rather arrive early to southern florida than late. i really want to relax on the beach.

total, i rode about 30 miles or so on my rest day. day 27 done.

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