that assiduous guy

i have things to do. it’s funny. i feel like having the time i have before i go isn’t really much of anything. my significant other always jokes that i can’t relax and i need to be doing something all the time. that’s true i guess. maybe i sleep too little so that i can accomplish more in the hours that i need to. it’s really a determination of complete process. less idle hours sleeping equals more productive awake hours. i know how much the minimum sleep i need is and i get just barely over that. i function well this way. if i’m awake for 19 hours a day i can accomplish more. i put thought and detail into things that i do. i love detail, thought and planning. putting all of that into a day with things that i need to do is great. plus, when i feel like i can relax, there’s always a few minutes for enjoying the day.

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