helping others

last week, someone that i had never met needed a gps for the prestige ride. i didn’t really hesitate since she’s a member of a local bike shop’s cycling team. of course there was a moment of hesitation, but really, it was a very short moment. she was kind enough to bring me a gift for the loan and returned it promptly after finishing. all around a great experience.

this morning i saw a local bike shop owner had a busted keyboard and i knew i had one in storage from the mac pro days. i dropped it off and received a thanks. this guy is constantly trying to organize groups to help maintain the south chicago velodrome. always giving back.

it’s a perfect way to start the day, helping others.

chances are that if you’re someone who rides a bike, i’ll instantly be your friend. if you don’t ride a bike, we’ll probably get along. if you think about it, friends like friends that have similar interests. cubs fans hang out with cubs fans, dog owners socialize with strangers at the dog park, foodies get dinner with each other more often. it’s magnetic attraction. you want people to support you in what you do and if they are doing similar things then you get to share and compete with them. it gives you a common interest to talk about.

socializing with others that i’ve never met to discuss this ride has become big. i’ve got people that want to ride sections with me, places to sleep, advice, and support. all from people i’ve never met. i guess i didn’t expect things to take off like they did. i’m very grateful for everything that everyone has shared with me.

i’ve got plans to ride with a few people that would like to meet me and i think that’s a great opportunity to get to know someone else that’s awesome. if you’re interested in doing a little riding, just let me know. you could be my friend.

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