day 48

i really like coasting down the coast. not fast, but enjoying everything and seeing all of the things that are new to me. i didn’t cover a lot of miles today, but i didn’t expect to, or want to. i’m in relax mode. now that i’ve made it within 200 miles, i’ve got some time to spare and i’ll use it all not to rush or hurry, but to enjoy the ride. don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed the rest of the ride, but i know i went quick. i don’t mind, i saw a lot. i saw more than i expected. it has been one amazing ride.

before i start writing about the day i would like to remind everyone that i am not only doing this ride for my own personal goal, but also to raise money for the livestrong foundation, that will be donated to cancer research. my family has had a strong history with cancer and there’s a good chance that someone you know has had their life affected as well. we can help support cancer research and donate money to this cause so that it may become more treatable or hopefully in our lifetime completely curable. my donation site is

i an see that i am currently averaging 1400-1500 visitors per day and thought i am writing this for everyone to read, please donate if you can.

my warmshower(vance and tommie) made breakfast. we had some great conversations about cycling and the benefits of clearing your mind on a bike, how good it is for you physically, and the funny moments we’ve had. i packed up all of my clean laundry(yay!) and got all of my ducks in a row. everything was set. i left(but felt so comfortable i wanted to stay) and started south.

i was originally going to go down route 1, but with all of the traffic, decided a1a was a much better choice. even with the wind from the ocean i was happy. i pedaled slowly, saw a ton of cyclists, almost joined a group of people dancing at the beach and just all around enjoyed the ride. one of the people that i had messaged on warmshowers for a place to stay tonight had passed me going the other direction.

i ended up riding twenty miles. today was my shortest day on a bike. i don’t mind. i’ve got the time and the ability to make it to key west on tuesday to meet lindsey. i arrived at my warmshower just before the storm had hit the area and was welcomed with chex mix and a beer. what a great way to end my ride for the day.

dennis, my warmshower for the night, did a tour from ft. lauderdale to seattle, so we’ve had a bunch of stuff to talk about. he made dinner while we talked about bikes, work, cities we’ve both been to along our trip. i didn’t really think that i would meet someone that has done basically the same route, let alone on this trip, so it was a nice surprise. after dinner, i was able to go swimming in the pool and relax in the hot tub. tomorrow i’m actually going to cover some more miles, but it was nice to get a relax day. day 48 done.




i was speeding down the a1a drifting off this guy.

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